Privacy Policy


  • The  short version!  In TWO words;  "Your Safety".  The ONLY reason we collect your data is; To ensure and verify, you are  indeed "An Adult" and not underage,  prior to joining. (We're  all for a safer Internet  for  Kids!) Child Protection  anti grooming etc.   
  • To protect the personal safety of our existing members particularly women, from being harassed, staked,  blackmailed, or threatened in any way, either on-line or at our Club, or elsewhere.    
  • To protect our Site and Club from being infiltrated by people with sinister motives, criminals , drug pushers, scam artists  etc..
  • To ensure we can identify you properly, for the purpose  only, of fulfilling any order for a product of service you may want from us. (The Primary reason we collect your data)
  •  To protect your account from being accessed / hacked, by  scam artists etc.
  • To  prevent;  "account fraud" & "account impersonation"  and all such practices that  are both common, and  widely accepted by our competitors  as "normal practice" (fake accounts)  in order to make their site "look" busier than what it actually is! 
  • We promise, NEVER to give your ANY of your  information / data, to ANY 3rd party,  for any purpose, including marketing. 
  • We will NEVER  allow social media sites like ;  "Stupid Book",  and  "Quitter"  to access your information, by  stealing ours.   

Safety & Security

            taken Seriously