Frequently asked questions


Who is the site for?

 Basically the sexually open-minded and free! Local, National, and International visitors whom we warmly welcome every week to our App, Club, and Events!   What your "into" here... is about  as casual as; what you drink!  The site is essentially an on-line dating version of our physical Club in Limerick Ireland. The Website and Club caters mainly for the "Lifestyle", which is a modern umbrella term  for what was once affectionately known as the "Swingers" market many decades ago! As a modern inclusive site, (unlike most!) we cater for adventurous singles and couples, Both Straight, Gay, Bi, and those into the Fetish scene! Basically everyone... S+LGBTQ !! that's real "equality"...  We don't care, as long as your; well mannered, sociable, clean, considerate, good company, interesting, different, and sexy! A melting pot of funky sexy open-minded adventure seeking couples and singles, and it all works...       

Is it secure?

Yes, https (secure), both this information site, and our APP.  Our hook-up dating app is not accessible to the general public either.  All payments are done off site, so your payment information is NEVER kept on  the website or App. There is no mention of, "gay Limerick dating" or "Swingers" etc, on your card statement. It's not possible to join the website (APP), without undergoing a very strict and verification and vetting process first.  Only people that have completed  the verification process fully, can access, read, and view the APP, member profiles, Club Information, and Events listing, non members simply CAN'T. So effectively, one must become a vampire first! in order to hunt and feast with them!!! This keeps the site fake free and secure. We don't entertain; "Join for free", "Free Trial" and other time-waster, pic-hunter activity either. Quite simply we're just about quality genuine people, and running a great Club to for them all to meet up!          

What are the costs?

You pay €100 for a years App Membership, couple OR single. Club admission fees vary from €20 to €40  depending on whats on! International Visitors pay an inclusive - short term - App and Admission Fee of  €70 per couple.

What's different about it?

Dull and silly time-waster websites advertising; "Join for free, put away your credit card!"  and a stock picture of some young ones pussy....  or cock..  that's not fooling anyone, right?  Old fashioned  and desperate sales pitches attempting to lure the naive and plain stupid in. Yes, there is an endless list of ; "gay dating", "Hook Up", "Casual Dating",  "Fetish" and so called "Swingers" websites listed on google. However,  did you know? NONE of them, are actually real! Reality is; they all BUY, ready made fake profiles on the internet, complete with tit and ass pics, in blocks of 1000 Fake Profiles, for about  €45, and load them on to their site in order to make it "look interesting" and relevant. The profiles are very convincing, and usually contain quite graphic images to lure people into thinking the site actually worth a visit!  We are the ONLY website that gives you a FAKE FREE - GUARANTEE, and an actual REAL CLUB to go to, to meet fellow members. If her name is "Mia" on our App, that's the exact same "Mia" you will meet at our Club  guaranteed, and that's exactly what she is "into"..  like it.. or stuff it..  Real Names, Real Pictures, and a Real Club to meet for Real. The whole ethos of the site is "Raw  Honesty" in terms of what your into, and you sexual preferences, and in these days of bull shit, vain..  "social media", that's very unique indeed. If your not comfortable in your sexuality and self, the site is definitely not for you to be totally honest. Fantasists, Sheep, Dreamers, and people with too much time on their hands should look elsewhere. Our site only has; Verified Genuine Members. It's Exclusive, and Secure, the site is  basically an on-line directory of  the ONLY - REAL FUN to be had here in Ireland, and the people that make it happen... guaranteed,  look no further. Our Club is based in Limerick, west of Ireland, but our customers come for all over Ireland, as well as all over the world! (international visitors).             

What happens when I apply as a new member?

You will get a prompt reply, either by text (Irish mobile numbers) OR e-mail  in the case of (all international visitor enquirers) You must fill out the required information, on application, name, telephone number, e-mail.  If your a foreign visitor for example, or your looking for gay Limerick contacts, or a couple looking  to meet  other lifestyle dating couples in Limerick.    

How do I get on the App?

Click JOIN on the Home page. Follow the simple instructions for creating a profile, once done, you will receive a text if you are living in southern Ireland, or e-mail if you live outside southern Ireland. You answer a few basic "about you" questions, including; Name(s) Nationality, age, sex, location etc. You get instant confirmation of payment, and instructions how to create a profile on our App.     

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Swingers, Gay Scene limerick, Fetish Scene.


Can I remain Anonymous on the App ?

In short, YES. Your privacy is totally protected on the APP.  Once your verified with ADMIN, we then issue you with a totally new  "I.D / User Name) . You are  in total control of all your data always and your privacy is totally protected . However, to get on  our APP in the first place, you will have to  qualify with us (Site Admin) as a;  " verified genuine, trusted Adult".   So that means proving to;  us  only (Site Admin)!  that  you are indeed, who you claim to be!  and that your not going to pose a security risk in any way, to our existing members. So you  identify yourself to;  Site Administration  ONLY!  as part of the joining process.       

I'm worried about providing my I.D on-line

Completely understand, and so you should be... But, lets look at this "in context". 

Why are we as site administrators asking for your basic I.D?

(You're the one looking for "IN" to our  trusted and verified Community!!!  Nobody forcing you!!! ) 

  • First and foremost, we want to ensure your not a minor, or any other category of person, that could be deemed, "vulnerable" to be taken advantage of on-line. 
  • As a form of  insurance  policy, against any potential unwanted   on-line harassment, bullying, staking, or blackmailing, by [ YOU! ]  of our existing trusted community base . 
  • To  ensure we can adequately identify / protect you, (general date protection), and confirm your identity in the case, for example, if you lost  your log in information, or needed to reset your password.   
  • To ensure people with sinister motives, criminals, drug pushers etc do not gain access to our APP or CLUB.       
  • To ensure we and fulfill any orders for  products or services you may want  from us..              

Will my I.D and information be safe?

Look, we  (Site Admin)  ONLY, need to know who you are  for the above reasons  ONLY!  Name, address, tel number and e-mail to site Admin ONLY.   I'ts not  rocket science! it's a "reasonable request' and makes total sense in the  context stated. We DON'T ever use  or adopt any "sales pressure" tactics.  As a rule, we will NEVER ask you for any of your financial information. We only ask for the bare minimum, so we can ensure the protection of our on-line community and Club from sinister people, as described above. 

Being on "Stupid Book" or "Quitter"  and the raft of silly stuff owned and controlled by them  is a 1000 times more dangerous to your data self!  Those creeps have a proven track record of being  plain reckless with your data! Yet every day  1000's of sheepish individuals queue up, to give  their whole phone content; contacts, email, and very self  over to these muppets, for the  underlying sinister purpose of  being "exploited" unknowingly! (private data and e-mails. read  used and sold on!).  In return for access to some stupid shampoo ad or something, and so-called friends!   Remember "Stupid Book" is NOT free! You pay for it big time..., by  accepting the "Total Censorship" of your access to Data, and the total loss of your privacy and security, they (Bible Belt Stupid America!) alone, decide what YOU are "allowed" to LIKE!!   And your worried about us?  Our site  is security certified., and we take the appropriate steps to protect our existing members, and the wider community at large, by ensuring we can adequately identify  and screen, all new potential  members prior to joining, thus ensuring, impressionable young minds remain free, well, and safe of exploitation, damage and bullying, so prevalent on social media!     

TYPICAL Set up Issues


Creating your App Profile

I clicked the; "Members Only Log In" page, but could not get any further!

You attempted to join by  using the Members Log In Area  this is not possible. You have to follow the correct process, and use the "Join Now "  button on the home page.

I clicked the;  "Join Now " button  but could not get any further.

You have not followed the instructions properly for creating a username and password.  EMAIL [ A real e-mail address!]        USER [your real  name in one word]          PASSWORD   [your full mobile number] Don't worry your full information will remain private, and you will be assigned a NEW username and password to use and "Log In" to the site with before you go LIVE!

You accidentally clicked the "MEMBERS  LOG IN" page on joining, instead of the "JOIN US"  page, on joining!!!   

I'm stuck on a stage (TEXTS) and have got no reply.

Allow a little time, it's not an instant process, replies  can take anywhere from seconds to the day after!    

You have not supplied the information asked for.

You have not paid the Application Fee as instructed. 

The information you supplied is insufficient.

The information you supplied is not relevant, or has not been asked for.

I paid, created a username and password, and I got an e-mail saying my profile was deleted.


You have not created your username and password in the required standard format, Username: <your first name>.  Example:  JOHN Password: <your mobile number>  Example 086 1234555

I can log In with my username and password, but I cant use any features. 

You have not confirmed your email address. Check your e-mail, also check you Spam Folder as well, then Click "Confirm e-mail".  

You have not up-loaded, via the app, the required "Verification Photos". The Full Nude must be the very First Picture, you up-load, via the App, followed by the "Head & Shoulders". Both photos must me up-loaded Nude First, Head and Shoulders  afterwards.  

I signed up a few days ago, I tried to Log In, and I can't.

Your "Timed Out!" As stated to you in the Standard Texts we send Everybody! When you get on the App, (received your user name and password, and access to the "Profile Builder" on the site), we give you 3-DAYS ONLY to; "get your house in order!" That means;  [ 1 ] Build an Honest Profile, (A bit about you, and your likes, turns-on! etc, under  "Personal Info", on the App. [ 2] Up load the required Verification Pictures.[ 3 ] Confirm your e-mail successfully. If the above is NOT done, within 3-DAYS of your Profile being Activated - You incomplete Profile is Deleted off the App !!!  (Verification Failure). We Don't do re-funds, and we Don't do "Second Chances" either! The reason for this is to keep the quality and relevance of the information (Profiles) high on the App. Otherwise, our App would end up looking like all the other faker apps!!  If your deleted, you must join from scratch again. 


I'm logged in, but I can't see other members! 

On the page that displays you Profile, Click the Heart Icon - Twice, until you get to the "Filter Page: Starting with the phrase; I'm here to... Select Everything Boys/Girls, Widen the Age Range, For Location select- "People nearby" And move the Slider Bar to MAX whole Country, Show = ALL, un-check photo. You might also need to click / check  - "Hook up now" Option!  Then Click the DONE Button!   

I cant message some members

The member in question might have you blocked! This is frowned upon generally, (the blocking other members). We're all one " BIG FAMILY !!! "  after all!!  and everyone gets on with everyone, well generally!  In the very unlikely event that you are getting unwanted persistent messages, and un-solicited persistent messages, after a polite;  "no thank you" OR " i'm not interested to be honest, but thanks" we would prefer you reported the user to Admin, rather than blocking the said individual. The offence here is "Persistent", if a polite, repeated "no thanks" isn't working! - Report Them! 

I have build my profile, confirmed my e-mail, and submitted my Verification Pics, and I still Can't Log In.

You have indicated your are a "M/F Couple" on application. Effectively the Male profile of a M/F Couple is "Frozen" until such time as the Female is verified fully. In order to set up a "Couple Profile" the Female must get Verified before the Male, then the TWO profiles are LINKED and Activated together. This prevents Single Men, Posing as part of a "Couple". 

App - recommended best practice for all

It's possible to hide your profile in settings, but we recommend you don't please. (Unless you notify Admin by message first) The unauthorised hiding of profiles is generally frowned upon,  and treated with some suspicion from both other users and admin. Such persistent action may result in your profile being deleted entirely.     

We strongly recommend using the site default  "Individual" profile format on the site  even if you are  a M+F  couple. The reason for this is; In "reality" we are all "individuals", example you might be straight, and your partner Bi, this is quite common indeed, and having your own individual profile within a couple allows you to express you own sexual preferences more accurately that's all, so others are less likely to get it wrong by assuming your partner likes the exact same sex preferences! We link couples on the site, so it's quite obvious if you have a partner even if you have your own profile too!  You can of course share the same password, if you are a couple, giving you both reciprocal access to each others profiles too!  It's also a lot more fun having your own profile, not to mind useful, in terms of communicating with each other on the go for free via the internet!  

If you have a partner, share everything with them always! Simple cut copy paste, except obviously trivial non specific chat. If you are communicating  with another couple, again always message both people in a couple situation, it's plain common sense.   

If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all! Be totally honest in terms of what you like,  and what your into,  sex preferences wise.It's a LOT more fun too!!  The site allows you to check / select a range of common preferences and fetishes, and it's worth checking the boxes even if your only plain curious! 

A really good fun exercise if you are a "couple" is to build your individual profiles separately, on the App first  be Totally Honest now!!  and check all the boxes that correspond to your own  individual sex preferences and fetishes, even if it's something that you have always wanted to try!!! But so far haven't  THEN when your  partner is completely finished doing the same, compare notes.... You might discover a whole lot more about your partner than you ever thought possible!! and have a lot of fun exploring each others discovered preferences.... TOGETHER !!!!!  Now that's LIVING!!!


Life is too short.. enjoy it.. but you certainly won't know, unless you give it a GO! It's 2019, your an Adult, why not?  No point in wondering about it either. Screw it.... Just DO IT. !!! and make memories TOGETHER! That's what we're all about. It's individual profiles sure , we all are... BUT a totally  "shared experience".

Practice Common Sense - Keep it .. "On the APP only. Don't  share information with others outside the App. Don't talk about people on the App with outsiders. Have respect your fellow members, and look out for  there interests and well being and security  always.  If you have not done so already, password protect your phone keypad, and enable an auto lock after one minuet  - no activity.  Log out of the App if your not using it, never leave your phone unattended and the app open.  If in the unlikely event, you think your account has been compromised, contact us, by phone and we can, and  will, take immediate action on your behalf.   You  must be responsible, and work within the community to keep us all SAFE. by protecting the App  it's data and the Club from  sinister people.   NEVER FORGET - Its not social media... it's other peoples  lives and yours too....   BE RESPONSIBLE  ! Membership of this APP is a privilege... don't ruin it...