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Now Officially, Ireland's NO-1 Dating Site


 ZERO - Fake Profiles,

 ZERO - Time Wasters 

 ZERO - Nut jobs & Idiots

 ZERO - Dodgy  "Shadows"  

 ZERO - Unverified Profiles 

 ZERO - Free "Try It" Accounts

100% - Cherry Picked Beautiful People waiting to meet you !

100% - Guaranteed - "Club Verified" (A's),  Awesome, Genuine and Active people we have personally met  and recommend to you!. 

100% - Genuine Swingers, looking to meet, at our  "CLUB" in Limerick!  The only real  Club in Ireland.

100% - Irish Site,  the ONLY! , with  genuine real, quality  Members!  

Our PREMIUM  Irish contact site, is very popular with international visitors  and holiday makers  as well as locals looking to  hook up around Ireland  with GENUINE  Swingers and those in to the Lifestyle,  Fetish Scene, as well as  others that identify as  lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and queer! LGBTQ,  and others looking to meet like-minded people! at our Club in Limerick  and at organised weekends and nights away!


Instant Message and Video Chat other "real",  members, in real time! Not Chat Robots, and silly auto responses!

Chat / Flirt, and connect, before you meet (no time wasting) 

Up Load - Your Photos and Videos, Private and Internal.

Make, up-load, and share your very own video clips with other verified real members!  

Find exactly, easily, the people that turn you on, and share your preferences.

Location based technology, find members literally next to you, and see what, turns them on!

EVERYTHING... on ONE - APP, and in ONE - REAL CLUB! No need to stomach all the other, fake  foreign bullshit websites out there!   

Invitation to specially organised App Members "meet and greet nights",  "App Nights"

It's very different

Not just a Website, a physical Club in Limerick City too., the only  actual Club  in Ireland .  While our WEBSITE is listed: " PAGE #1. Google!!! " Our APP, by contrast is near invisible  on the Net by design! For our members privacy, our APP is NOT listed on any search engines. Also, the APP is not viewable or accessible to the general public!  We don't advertise the location of our Club Premise on our website, in order to prevent the un-wanted and un-welcome "lurking around" our entrance, in the hope of getting in!!! Yes it's very sad... but that's "Ireland" unfortunately!  Understated, and difficult to find, and some may argue it's even difficult to join!. However, not so, for the right people!  

It's great value

We feel our APP is excellent value for money, because we save you the bother of  having to read  literally 1000 's of  free  account,  fake profiles on other sites.  The real truth is the REAL scene in Ireland is quite small, and we list "the cream " of it.. right HERE. for you! 


Fees are paid direct and not on the site itself, protecting your sensitive financial information!  Included, is Prompt Customer Support,  we're  only  just a TEXT away should you need us! 


We say YES, when we can! If you read our website fully you'll, "Get It.." and understand our simple requirements. .


M/F Couple  €100 per year.

Single  Male  €100 per year.

Single Female €70 per year 

Our verification test

Want to be "treated like an Adult" Then act like one....!   You need to up-load    "verification information" via the App;  Firstly, your;  Photo I.D, followed by  TWO photos,  a close-up  "Full Body" picture,  followed by a  "Head & Shoulders picture,  and pay the membership fee in advance. Your verification photos and all sensitive information, are kept  TOTALLY PRIVATE on the APP by default, don't worry!    "Verification"  is about things like; "Confidence", "Genuine Interest", "Participation of you own  free will",  and "Child Protection" etc.  It's NOT a beauty contest, (but naturally, it helps if your pleasing to the eye too!)  If you don't have the confidence and maturity to get verified with us,  then your unlikely to make it.. at our Club.  Plain and Simple... If you have any "issues.." with the above, we recommend you don't  apply, as membership fees are non  refundable.